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I help experts rescue more clients and unlock their inner "Superhero"
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Hi, I'm Jay.
Jay Magpantay, Founder of The Coaching Forum
And I'm the branding wizard who'll help you make more sales and get more clients by standing out in a crowd of copycats.

I used to be a coach, too, back in the day — a business coach who couldn't get any business. 

(Oh, the irony) ...
"I used every trick in the book "
  •  Blogging
  •  Video-making
  •  Tweeting
  •  Status-updating
  •  Networking
  •  Facebook-Advertising
And my result? 

An empty business with no clients and an even thinner wallet than when I started.


A nobody swimming in a sea of Somebodys.

Full of doubts and self-pity, I nearly gave up on my dream of helping business owners with my funnel building expertise. 
"Until one day, I met a coach..."
He showed me how a book would raise my brand and how I could write it in a way where book sales made no difference to the growth of my business. 

He told me that if I wrote it the "right" way, my brand would rise and clients would find me no matter what I did.

I became his client and as he predicted, everything changed:
  •  I've been asked to host seminars
  •  Be an interview-guest for TV and radio
  •  Consult Fortune 500 companies 
  •  Sought by influencers from three continents
  •  Raised my caliber of client
  •  And I've achieved 100% location freedom (I spend more than half my year in travel) 
"I've embraced Personal Branding because NOTHING else made a bigger difference."
I've developed my own systems to get results for my clients fast and the best thing is after these systems are set up, they're super-easy to maintain.
  •  If you want my personal help to setup my systems for you please, don't hesitate to reach me.
  •  If you want to know how I help clients write their best-selling books in 6 weeks or less, sign up for my free workshop.
Until then...

I send you strength to save your people and wish you forever Peace & Progress,
It's me with my dearest Momma
Amplify Your Reach in 3 Steps
Let's get positioned — it's a common mistake to try serving as many people as you can. Get good at serving ONE audience by helping them do ONE thing.

Once we're clear on who we're serving and what we're doing, let's brand you with what makes you special. If you're the same as a thousand other competitors, it's okay, EVERYONE has something that makes them stand out in the market. 

Finally, we'll build a strategy based on your message & target audience so that clients can find you easier and your business can grow predictably.
Grow With a Custom Playbook
I work with coaches, consultants, & expert advisors who've tried everything to sell their services consistently.If you're tired of getting disappointing results with strategies that don't work, get serious about your business and let me build you a custom playbook to make life easier. 

And yes, this is fully customized to your business. It's not some cookie-cutter pdf that I'm sending to your email, your situation is unique so we gotta get on the phone and build it together.
The Coaching Forum
The Coaching Forum
Join The Community
The Coaching Forum is Linkedin's premier online community for coaches, consultants, & expert advisers.  Our united goal is to accelerate results for the clients we serve while achieving our personal goals in the process. 

Coaches and thought leaders from all industries are welcomed to contribute by selflessly sharing their experiences (both good and bad) so that others may grow from the lessons learned through them.
Now On Amazon! For $19.97, Jay's first book reveals the steps for turning your passion into a lucrative lifestyle business. This book is the beginner's guide to breaking into the digital information market.

From building up your millionaire mentality to outsourcing all the heavy work, this book's got you covered:

  - Entrepreneur mindset        - Mass sales via webinar
  - Profitable niche discovery  - Free traffic strategy
  - Product creation                - Freelance team buildling
  - Funnel building                  - Copywriting & more
Hear Directly From Other Experts
Find out what others have to say about working with Jay on a personal level

Gloria Guillaume,
Certified Life Coach

Matt Lloyd,
Online Business Consultant

Patrick Wu,
Dating Coach

Get Your First $10k Month!

"Less than 10 days after implementing what Jay told us, we hit over 10k our first month then 15k our next month.  All this after just ONE conversation. 

To be fair, we've been chatting with Jay now for over a year so we've made big strides in other areas, but it seems that every single time we talk, the exchange of knowledge gets bigger and bigger each time.

Thanks for everything Jay."

Daniel Paez Lozano & Gia Suarez,
Digital Marketing Consultants

Get Remote Freedom!

"Getting conversions and making sales are what make your business successful and Jay's helped so much for me with that. It's so much easier to close sales when people come find you (not the other way around) and it's this knowledge that's completely changed my life.

I quit my job in Melbourne and now I'm traveling the world, working 100% from my laptop.

I owe a lot of that to Jay because no matter the issue, he's always there to help me. I'm happy to call him a friend and brother."

Marco Reeves,
FB Ads Expert

"If you're looking to either start, grow, or scale an online business and you have the opportunity to work with Jay on a personal one-on-one basis, I'd encourage you to reach out to him.

A simple phone conversation with him will give you clarity on what the next thing to do in your business is, and he'll be able to introduce you, no doubt, to all the resources, and the people and the programs that you're gonna need to access if you're serious about making an income online and turning that into a full time business, I can't endorse or recommend Jay highly enough." 

Drew Innes, Top Performance Coaching
My Mission:
To spread joy by empowering leaders with the branding strategies they need to find their voice, strengthen their message, build their tribes, and accelerate happiness (results) for everyone involved.
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