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grow your business & amplify your impact while serving more clients in the process
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Josh Turner
Wall Street Journal Top-10 Bestselling Author and Founder of 3-Time Inc. 5000 company, LinkedSelling
"Jay’s unorthodox process is strikingly different from anything in the publishing space because it disregards the “rules” of the literary world and lives in the business world.

It centers around your growth as an entrepreneur (not as a writer) and focuses on accelerating your business."
Jason & Stacey Ansley
Founders, ansleyRDgroup 
"Jay’s approach of how to write a book, why one should write a book, and what to do with the book BEFORE it is written is a major game changer in the business world. 

That, combined with his integrity and all around genuine wholesomeness and generosity, makes Jay and his knowledge a natural match for those that want the most efficient approach to writing and leveraging their book for their business."
"Scale your business FAST with a bestselling book that builds your audience for you"
by #1 Bestselling Author, Jay Magpantay

My name's Jay.

And I used to be a coach...

A business coach who couldn't get any business...

Oh, the irony!

I was doing everything they told me to do, too.

I was:

  → Blogging

  → Video-making

  → Tweeting

  → Status-updating

  → Networking

  → Facebook-Advertising

And my result?

Tired nights...

No clients...

And an even thinner wallet than when I started...


I gave up on my business and sank into depression.

Without an audience to listen...

How could I grow my business?
For days I felt sorry for myself...

Days turned into weeks...

Weeks turned into months...

Then one day...

I met a coach.

He was getting non-stop clients for his business...

And he wasn't doing 10 things at once to do it.
I asked for his secret and when he shared it, I couldn't believe what he told me...
He said...
  "Write a book".

  "A book changes everything."
He said...
  "Without a book, you're a nobody..."

  "You're just like everyone else."

  "But when you're a published author..."

  "All of a sudden, you're a somebody...

   "And everyone listens...."
Made a lot of sense.
People listen to what authors say because if their words are good enough to be published... Then their words have to be important...
It's true, right?

So he showed me how to do it...

  → I followed his advice:

  → I wrote my book.

  → I used a viral launch to promote it.

And when the results came back 5 days later...

The man was right...

My book changed everything!
  → I've been asked to host seminars in different cities 

  → Been an interview-guest for TV and radio

  → Consulted with Fortune 500 companies

  → Been sought by influencers from 3 continents

  → Have asked for over $10,000 from a single client

  → And now spend most of the year traveling with my laptop
The best part? ...Writing a book was super simple!
What I thought it was supposed to take years...

Only took me 28 days to finish...

And that's not all...

Because to launch it...

All I did was follow the steps in this cheat sheet...

Inside you'll discover:
  → How to add 1000's of fans into your email list

  → How to get those fans to buy your book on Amazon

  → How to do both in 10 days or less
Here's what to do next:

  2. Watch the walkthrough to see how works.

  3. Follow each step and be a bestselling author.

Sounds fun, right?

Follow the cheat sheet and you'll get there...

Can't wait to hear about all your success!
Supercharge Your Business With The Ironclad Authority Of A Bestselling Author
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