Write A Book.

Grow Your Business.

And slip into your spandex supersuit because the world's waiting for its next hero... Can I be your sidekick?

Starring a guy who avoids eye contact.

The Small

Business Equalizer

Ever Wish Your Bhiz Could Be *Just* A Little Bit Easier?

Of course you do.

You'd be looney-tooney if you wished it was harder.

But "hard" is the reality ain't it?

Every day you're waking up to emails that are expect your reply, content that's waiting to be created, and pesky freeloaders who should volunteer to tame unruly lions at the circus.

Meanwhile, all the paid clients are gathered by the half-witted "experts" who do half-as-good work as you do.

I'm here to help, amigo...

My name's Jay Magpantay and it's a real pleasure to meet you =)

My body of work, Silly. Get your head outta the gutter.

Josh Turner Testimonial

“Jay’s unorthodox process is strikingly different from anything in the publishing space because it disregards the “rules” of the literary world and lives in the business world. It centers around your growth as an entrepreneur (not as a writer) and focuses on accelerating your business.

Josh Turner
Wall Street Journal Top-10 Bestselling Author and Founder of 3-Time Inc. 5000 company, LinkedSelling

Authorship For Entrepreneurs

Having a book is like having hundreds of teammates recruiting prospects and bringing them into your influence, perfect for experts who want to make more sales and get more clients.

What The Experts Are Saying

Kristian Thaulow Testimonial

"Everything has taken a total 180. I've reached tens of thousands of people all over the world. Complete strangers hit me up to start conversations. People are asking about my coaching. And I haven't done the math yet, but at the minimum, I've 10x'd the number of leads and prospects that are looking at my business."

Kristian Thaulow


Patty Flock Testimonial

"Jay’s process is on the top of my list when it comes to the best way to write a book and launch it. He counters any stress one might have about writing while keeping it fun and productive to inspire anyone to get going."

Patty Flock


The Only System That Delivers Results Before Your Book Gets Finished

Stage 1 - Proclaim

Attract Eager Prospects The Moment You Start Writing.

Announcing your upcoming book to spark conversations and recognized as a leader in your field.

Stage 2 - Produce

Complete Your Manuscript In A Single Weekend.

Repackage your wisdom into a book without wasting months of typing behind a computer.

Stage 3 - Propel

Market Your Book Launch As A Special Event To Get Clients.

And enjoy a business that grows with more fun and less effort.

You’ll Love Your Book, I Guarantee It.

It doesn't matter if you've never written anything before. Follow the steps and your book will come out beautifully instead of broken.

“My book made it to #1 in three categories!”


For Busy Entrepreneurs Who Don’t Write

No time? No skills? No problem. It doesn't have to be as hard as you think.