Hi. I’m Jay

And I’ve lived on a roller coaster for more than 10 years

It was a ride where my business spiraled and I wasted tens of thousands trying to save it. I tried courses, content, ads, social media, and if you can name it, I most likely did it.

In a desperation-effort to save the time & money I invested, I reached out to the CEO of a multi-million dollar agency for help.

He wasn’t like the Fakebook goo-roos who sold tactics. This guy’s obsession was with the fundamentals. And demonstrated how to use them to compel prospects into buying.

HINT: It’s NOT done with scarcity, scripts, or fancy marketing tech.

It’s done with compassion.

Build trust. Give-give-give. Then give some more.

That’s the strategy in a nutshell.

I’ve taken full control of my business by embracing this philosophy.

And it’s become my life’s mission to save good-hearted hustlers from suffering the same way I did

Because realizing the power of fundamentals shouldn’t take more than a decade.

That’s The Short Version Of What I Do. Here’s The Slightly-More-Detailed Version 2.0…

Hi. I'm Jay.

How Newbies Grow Their Business With No Experience In Marketing

Crafted in San Diego, CA with love for my fellow hustler.

Last updated: January 17, 2020.

I hope I can change everything for you.

I really mean it.

But before I tell you what’s behind Door Number 1

I hafta ask

Are you overwhelmed by marketing?

Because I am.

We Need 10 Arms To Do All The Things We’re Supposed To Be Doing

Articles, videos, photos, tweets, captions.

Copy, funnels, emails, offers, sales.

Upsells, downsells, cross-sells, partnerships.

It’s enough to make your eyeballs switch sockets.

But there’s good news

Even with all the noise we’re meant to do online:

— Post content

— Send status updates

— Engage an audience

— Write sales copy

— Sell a kidney

There’s an easier way.

A way to get more clients by doing less.

You’ll reject the idea at first.

But once you know it

You’ll feel like Neo when he cracked the code to the Matrix.

Neo cracks the code

We’ll dig into that later.

But first, you need to snap out of it

Information won’t help you.

It’ll give you more options, more possibilities, and more choices.

But more choices only adds to the overwhelm.

You hafta understand this

Good-Hearted Entrepreneurs Build Businesses That Sink

Not because they don’t know what to do.

But because marketing takes a long time to master.

No matter what the goo-roos tell you

There’s no such thing as a magic pill that’ll solve all your issues.

Stop looking for one.

The real-deal is that marketing takes work.

And there are things you need in your business if you want your marketing to be effective.

Some of ’em I’ll guarantee you’re missing.

That’s why this site is gonna be like gold for you.

Browse around to find out what you need and how to get it.

That way you can stop wasting money on useless information and instead

Attract The Best Clients By Focusing On A Few Actions That Matter

Remember the strategy from up top?

Build trust. Give-give-give. Then give some more.

Here’s the easiest way to do it

Write a book.

Pause for dramatic effect.


I mean it.

A book is the easiest way to build trust in the market where skepticism is high and everyone’s a copycat.

No one forces you to get published.

And when you elect to share your wisdom openly with the public

Your authority climbs.

Your knowledge gets to the people who need it.

And people trust you as someone who actually gives a hoot.

“But if it works so well, why doesn’t everyone do it?”

Because “everyone” dismisses the idea before they look into it.

There’s 3 myths that mislead people about books:

— You need years of experience get published.

— You need mad skills of a talented writer.

— You need a ton of free time because it’ll take ages.

None of these are true.

I can debunk all of ’em.

What Do You Do Next?

If you’re new to business, the first thing you hafta do is find your entrepreneur type.

Start here.

If you’ve been hustlin’ for years, start there anyway.

Read every word on that page until you get it.

I mean, really get it.

Once you get it (you’ll know it when you do)

Commit yourself to compassion, not coercion.

Show up for your people daily.

Stand out instead of blending in.

If you’re down to do that with a book, good.

That’s smart.

Use The Write Way To Sell to guide you.

It’s a book that’ll show you how to write a bestseller in weeks (even if you suck as a writer).

If you prefer micro-doses of knawwledge, there’s plenty of gold lying around.

And if writing a book’s not your thing

Really? You’re not even open to it? I suggest some light-reading that might change your mind.


Lastly, I won’t ask you to do this now

But if you find a way to subscribe to my list, you’ll get somethin’ special that only gets shared via email.

It’s nothin’ major.

But people thank me all the time because they love it.

Sounds like a fun scavenger hunt, huh?

Even if you don’t find it

There’s gold everywhere, I promise.

Enjoy your stay.

One Love.

This site is hand-built by JAY MAGPANTAY

Jay is the sell-besting author of the books: Live Free & Retire Young, The Write Way To Sell, and the inventor of the waterproof sponge. He helps experts get clients by writing books that grow their hustle.

You can find him in San Diego eating tacos with his dog, Babe.