“The Small Business Equalizer”

Part 1

"Content Is King... Or Is It?"

Part 2

"The Only Piece Of Content You Need"

Part 3

"Anyone Can Write A Book In No Time"

Part 4

"How To Write A Book In 2020"

Hi. I'm Jay

And my business has been on a roller coaster for more than 10 years

It was a ride where my business kept spiraling down and I spent tens of thousands trying to save it. I tried courses, content, ads, social media, and if you can name it, I most likely did it.

In a desperation-effort to save the time & money I invested, I reached out to the CEO of a multi-million dollar agency for help.

He wasn't like the Fakebook goo-roos who sold tactics. This guy was obsessed with fundamentals. And he demonstrated how to use them to influence prospects into buying.

HINT: It's NOT done with scarcity, scripts, or fancy marketing tech.

It's done with compassion.

Build trust. Give-give-give. Then give some more.

That's the strategy in a nutshell.

I've taken full control of my business by embracing this philosophy.

And it's become my life's mission to save good-hearted hustlers from suffering the same way I did

Because realizing the power of fundamentals shouldn’t take more than a decade.

Jay Magpantay Teaching

This site is hand-built by JAY MAGPANTAY

Jay is the sell-besting author of the books: Live Free & Retire Young, The Write Way To Sell, and the inventor of the waterproof sponge. He helps experts get clients by writing books that grow their hustle.

You can find him in San Diego eating tacos with his dog, Babe.