Business Edu-tainment Through Stories

How To Write A Book In 2020 (The Best Way For First-Time Authors) 

Snoop Dogg vs A Funky Dog Head B-tch 

The 5 Best Commercials From The Superbowl 

The Fruit Ninja Gets Caught Red-Handed 

What Kobe Bryant Meant To A Non-Lakers Fan 

A Small Exchange At Starbucks 

Jay Magpantay in Bangkok

What’s Your Entrepreneur Type? 

Goal Setting

6 Steps To Set Powerful Goals (And Never Feel Lazy Again) 


A Proven Way To Stand Out From Competition (Using “Backstory”) 

3 Questions Everyone Should Answer Before Starting A Business 

The Death Of Holiday Promotions And How To Avoid It 

Joe from Starbucks

Wise Words From 71-Year Old “Joe” 

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