Everything’s gone.

All my content vanished.

I don’t know how long it’s been that way…

But when I was testing my redirects for Faycebook Ads I found that none of em were working.

“Redirect” means sending people to an easy link like this: https://jaymagpantay.com/thewritewaytosell

And having them auto-magically get sent to a complicated link like this:

Anyway so nothing’s working.

And my first thought is “What the heck’s goin’ on…”

So I logged into my back office and saw this…

Then I went to my home page and saw this:


Not in a good way like “Boom, I just made a taco”.

But Boom as in, someone just took that taco and threw it on the floor.

What. The. Fugk.

My first thought was that someone hacked my WordPress but then you know sumthin’…

It doesn’t even matter.

Sucks that 4 years of email content is gone.

But honestly…


I’m movin’ forward.

And my business will continue to move forward because businesses don’t rely on websites to make money.Businesses rely on audiences.

Picture this…

People love your Chinese food.

But then one morning you find it swallowed by a dancing red dragons and all that’s left is heartbreak and ashes.

That would suck.

But since people love your food…

Since you have an audience of fans who love you…

You’ll re-open soon and the grand opening will be a mega celebration of chow mien and chicken wings.

Get what I’m sayin’?

When you have an audience, business is easier.

And the place I recommend people to focus on building their audience is through email.

It’s cool to have a buncha followers on social media.

But that world changes every second. Remember Vine, anyone?

No matter what new marketing trend comes out: messenger bots, SMS texts, or mind-reading — Email’s the only channel that’s withstood the test of time.

True, open rates are going down, but it’s worse on any social platform.

Picture this: You just posted a sweet photo of the San Diego Sunset on Instagram.

You took 20+ shots to get it right and when you finally did, you captured an intense shot of the crowd at Petco Park against a sky that looked like it was on fire…

But nobody saw it.

All of your followers are enjoying their weekend and by the time their eyes are back on their phones, their feeds are crowded with posts from the thousand other people they follow.

They never even knew you posted.

But send the same photo along with an update of your weekend to your email list and eventually, they’ll make a decision.

Ignore or Open.

With email, your message gets to where you want it to go 100% of the time.

Will it be ignored or opened?

That’s a topic for another day…

But I’ll always take the latter road and give myself a clear shot to the inbox instead of a blind shot at social media.

Make sense?

That’s why, at the end of the day, losing my content is whatevz because having my email list means I don’t hafta start at zero.

And it’s also why I repost my content online in the first place (so people join my email list after getting a sneak peek at what it’s like to be part of my email-list fam).

What’s next is up to you…

Focus on making content that draws people to be part of your audience but do it so you have the least risk and most reward.


It’ll be the best insurance you have against digital fires that burn through your WordPress back-office.

Have a sunny weekend. God bless.

Jay Magpantay—

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