On this Resources page, you’ll find a curated list of awesome tools I use (and recommend) to make things easy on you in your business.

Again, I use everything here, but I’ve also tried a lot of things that are not here. So to give you full disclosure, I’ll also include tools that I’ve tried.

By the way, some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you decide to use them, I’ll earn a commission. All this means is that instead of all the revenue going to the companies who make these tools, they slide me a small portion for making a referral. With that said, I recommend these tools because I love them and use them every day, not because of the commissions I get for referring them. Fair deal? Enjoy…

Setting Up Your Website

GoDaddy – I’ve used GoDaddy from the beginning so I can’t say they’re the best because I don’t have anything to compare them to. But I will say their customer support is pretty boss.

WordPress – Same as above. I started building websites on the free platform on before I switched to the self-hosted platform (through GoDaddy). In the past, I used BigCartel, Wix, and I’ve played around a bit with Shopify. It’s a little techy… But it does everything I need it to do (occasional blog posts and archive some of my emails).

Setting Up Automatic Customer Acquisition

ClickFunnels – By far the easiest and fastest service for building your first marketing online marketing funnel. LeadPages is a popular competitor I’ve used but for the simplicity and bonus capabilities like Auto-Webinars and hosting a course, nothing comes close. People get nervous about the pricetag ($97/month). But to do everything that ClickFunnels can do, you’ll have to spend a lot more with other services and end up paying 3x more anyway. Start here, it’s the best. P.S. – If you’re anti-ClickFunnels, ConvertKit is gonna let you capture leads with landing pages built in (see the next tool).

By the way, I’ve built the Ultimate Master Funnel For Coaches. Click here to start a 14-day trial with ClickFunnels and to get it imported into your account automagically.

Building A Relationship With Your Prospects Via Email

ConvertKit – I’ve used Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, SendGrid, and ActiveCampaign. ConvertKit is the fastest and easiest to work with by far. If you wanna make your online business your full-time business, then you’re gonna use a lot of email. And you don’t wanna get pissed everything you open your email software, right? ConvertKit delivers the smoothest experience while still having the automation capabilities as the big dogs.

They have a book on email marketing that comes with some pretty clever tips that no one else talks about. Get that here. If you’re already familiar with email list building, get your first 1,000 subscribers by joining this webinar. The link for that is here.

Coaching Your Clients

Zoom – Skype used to be the big one but today, the honor of video chat connections belongs to Zoom. Flawless video chatting with the ability to run group coaching and webinars.

Scheduling Appointments

BookLikeABoss – This one isn’t free, but it lets you accept payments right on your scheduling page. If you’re coaching per session, this is the best one for you. It connects directly to your Google calendar and automatically attaches a Zoom meeting link when someone books an appointment. Example of my page is here.

Calendly – A free and minimal scheduler that also connects directly to your Google calendar. I use both Calendly and BookLikeABoss. Calendly for introductory sessions with people I meet virtually and BookLikeABoss for focused work sessions when I’m working with someone in their business.