“The Small Business Equalizer”

How New Businesses Go Toe-to-Toe With Seasoned Competitors... And Win.

“The Small Business Equalizer” is a 4-Part Course that shows entrepreneurs how to build a powerful, standalone asset that the "Big Dogs" are using to grow their business.

It's completely free (no opt-in needed).

The restaurant was calm when they barged in. 

“Everyone. We’re closed. Get out.”

From the kitchen, Maya watched two men escort a couple out the door, locking the door behind them. 

The bigger one approached her register, gesturing for her to come closer.

“Ven aqui.” (Come here in Spanish)

Maya steps out of the kitchen and without saying a word, reaches for the envelope in her apron.

The burly man flashes a devilish grin.

“You see. You pay on time, no more problems.”

He snatches the envelope and hands it to his partner, “Let’s go.”

Tears run down her cheeks as Maya accepts her fate: 

That no matter what she does, she’s trapped in the “Make Money, Lose It” loop forever. 

This is a scene from The Equalizer, a badass movie about makin' things right for the little guy.

You'll find out what happens later...

But I use it to introduce The Small Business Equalizer for 2 reasons.

  1. In the movie, the equalizer is a no-nonsense vigilante who evens the odds for victims in unfair situations. In business, the equalizer is an asset used by clever entrepreneurs to get the same results as their seasoned competitors.
  2. The second and more important reason: entrepreneurs trap themselves in the same “Make Money, Lose It” loop as Maya.

“Wanna-preneurs” walk around like zombie chickens, not knowing what to do or who to follow.

When flocks of zombie chickens run businesses, families suffer.

Communities pay the price.

Hustlers who find The Small Business Equalizer (and are brave enough to use it), stabilize their business with less effort.

Prospects fight tooth-and-nail to be their clients.

And revenue keeps climbing to the point where business is fun instead of stressful. 

In that scenario, hustlers win and communities thrive.

Anyone can have The Small Business Equalizer in their business in days or in months.

The good news is that once you have it, it’ll get leads and make sales on automatically for as long as you need it to.

That’s why most entrepreneurs only have one. 

Big dogs like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, and Gary Vaynerchuk have equalizers in their business. Every invester from Shark Tank does too. And most 6 and 7-figure business owners leverage it with perfection.

But here's the thing...

While real entrepreneurs love it.

Wanna-preneurs avoid it like their top priorities.

On the next pages, The Small Business Equalizer will be shared in its entirety. 

I'll give you the steps for installing it in your business.

And while I'm sharing this for free, know that people hafta pay between $10,000 - 36,000 to get this.

Typical Costs

So don’t hesitate. 

The Small Business Equalizer will be your best friend in business. It'll give you the same advertising power as the big dogs. It'll simplify your marketing, grow your revenue, and brand you as a bonafide thought leader in your market.

It'll even make you tacos for dinner.

Okay, that last sentence was my stomach talking.

But everything else is the Real Deal Holyfield.



Let’s start at the beginning.

By the way, if you wanna watch the scene I used to introduce this course, it's here.

It's pretty good.

Watch it for a short break before we get into the good stuff.